Alessandro Toscano


a film by: Alessandro Toscano and Fabrizio Nacciareti
Produced by: Accademia09
In collaboration with: CIG Arcigay Milano

The current political situation in Italy has intensified the public debate and confrontation on implementing and protecting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. One of the many issues that remain difficult to address and resolve is access to sport as a denied right, especially for transgender people.
AceTeam, the first 5-a-side football team in Italy, was born with this very aim: to become a safe place where people can play sport, have fun, compete and be part of a small community that, through playing the most popular game in Italy, forces sport and the entire Italian society to confront its own limits of inclusiveness.
PLAYOUT is a short documentary that, through the experiences of five protagonists, takes us inside the football team, which presents itself not only as a tool for accessing sport, but also as a political means for the entire transgender community to claim their identity and all their denied rights.

Category: Short Documentary
A film by: Alessandro Toscano, Fabrizio Nacciareti
Nationality: italiana
Year: 2023
Creative and production manager: Alessandro Toscano
Director of Photography: Fabrizio Nacciareti
Editors: Luca Albani, Alessandro Toscano
Original sound design and post production: Luca Bocchia
Associate producers: Micol Basilico, Massimiliano Fumagalli, Sarah Koplikaj
Assistant directors: Elisa Di Napoli, Massimiliano Fumagalli, Sarah Koplikaj
Camera: Alessandro Conconi, Fabrizio Nacciareti, Francesco Sulas, Giorgio Invernizzi Ferro, Sarah Koplikaj, Virginia Rosaschino
Camera assistant: Matteo Ceccarelli
Set photographers and back stage: Francesco Sulas, Hana Bolbol
Graphic design: Elena Rosati, Sara Rosati
Duration: 22’

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