Alessandro Toscano

La Camera del Mare

La Camera del Mare (The Sea Room) is a site-specific installation located on the pier of the ancient disused Tonnara (Tuna fishery) of Porto Paglia on the Island of San Pietro where is still present the last working Tonnara in the Mediterranean Sea. 
The installation exploits the principles of the camera obscura to stimulate an immersive experience in the surrounding marine landscape. Through an upside-down overturned vision, the installation offers an ecological perspective on these places, suggesting the point of view of one of the island’s symbols: the Thunnus Thynnus also knows as Tonno di Corsa (bluefin tuna), which in these waters is led through the nets of the Camera della Morte (Chamber of Death) to be fished according to the traditional fishing system.
The installation, developed within TUNÈA, remained in place during the 3 days final project's partecipated show: a temporary and ephemeral installation as the image projected within it.

The design  is inspired by the architectural shape of the traditional houses on the island.
External materials: wood, nails, hardware
Internal materials: wood, paper, cloth, hardware

Commissioned work for TUNÈA, a territorial regeneration project winner of Creative Living Lab Award
Promoted by Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea MIC | Italian Ministry of Culture

Curated by U-BOOT

Video: Alessandro Toscano, Francesco Rosso | Casa Uiza Prod.
Music: Mare Calmo - from Wave by Stellare

La Camera del Mare is the result of a six month relational work with the local community through a series of activities, meetings and workshops in dialogue with other artists, architects, artisans, associations, local authorities, the local tuna fishing comunity and private citizens.
The realization is generated by this collaborative process and is inspired by some of the many cultural legends that linked the Island and its people to the historical events of Italy and Europe during the last three centuries.

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